Law Week: Brett Godfrey – Best Commercial & Construction Defect Litigator

The Barrister’s Best edition of Law Week Colorado voted Brett Godfrey the Best Commercial Litigator in Colorado and the Best Construction Defect Litigator in Colorado. The awards spanned 2015-2017. Their kind praise included the following:

When Renaissance man Brett Godfrey uses his firm’s own 3D printing, radiographic imaging and drone-captured images for exhibits, it isn’t just for showboating. He’s showing how a smaller firm can technologically out-gun the big boys in a range of cases using the latest innovations. And his landscape paintings are quite lovely, too, in case you haven’t seen them.

Not only does Brett Godfrey know more about every kind of technology than you do, he could also paint an exace replica of the Mona Lisa if he wanted to.

These accolades were supported by articles covering Godfrey’s use and understanding of technology in litigation and in the courtroom.

Brett Godfrey and his team are grateful for this honor, and wish to congratulate other lawyers in Denver who won “Best Of The Best” status in other areas of law.