Ski & Snowboard Litigation

Winter Sports Injury Litigation

We began litigating ski and ski-lift injury cases in 1989. We have represented skiers, ski-lift manufacturers, ski areas, ski and snowboard makers and a host of other parties in connection with some of the most novel and important snow sports litigation in the history of Colorado. Our work in this area has also involved claims in Wyoming and Utah. Our cases have included, by way of example only, the following:

  • Ski racing injuries
  • Chair lift misloading and unloading injuries
  • Chair lift falls
  • Gondola injuries
  • Ski and snowboard jump injuries
  • Snowboard helmet litigation
  • Bobsled injuries
  • Tree impact cases
  • Skier-skier and snowboarder-skier collisions
  • Snowmobile accidents

Corporate and Individual Clients

Our clients have included Vail Associates, Beaver Creek Ski Area, Burton Snowboards, Poma of America and a host of component part manufacturers. We have also represented ski racers, skiers, snowboarders, photographers and others in injury-related litigation arising from accidents on the slopes. In one case, we were retained by a large underwriter to examine the risks of injury for each of the activities at an international ski event at a major ski area for the purposes of evaluating the feasibility of insuring the event.

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Knowledge

Several of our attorneys are former competitive skiers and excellent snowboarders. We are quite at home on the slopes, working with ski patrol and accident invetigators and reconstructionists. We have worked with a number of ASTM standards (including ASTM F2040, governing snow sports helmets) and ANSI standards, as well as UBC standards applicable to stairways and ramps at the base of ski areas.

We understand ski and snowboard equipment and manufacturing techniques. We even represented the inventor of the world’s most popular step-in snowboard binding in a dispute regarding the patent on that technology.

Litigation Techniques and Expert Witnesses

We have worked with most of the best experts in the United States in the reconstruction of ski, ski lift and snowboard accidents, including the following categories of experts:

  • Medical doctors
  • Helmet experts
  • Human factors experts
  • Binding experts
  • Accident reconstructionists specializing in “on the slope” injuries
  • Ski jump experts
  • Ski patrol experts
  • Ski lift experts and ski lift designers
  • Sports physiologists
  • Fluid mechanics experts

Chair Lifts and Gondolas

We are familiar with the engineering principles and manufacturing techniques utilized in the making of all kinds of ski lifts, including chairlifts and gondolas, as well as the safety equipment that comes with them. We have litigated issues related to the ANSI standards governing lift operation and we have worked to develop prototypes of lift control devices following accidents. We have interacted with the Passenger Tramway Safety Board and the Ski Industry Association to strengthen our knowledge and expertise in these areas.

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We made law in Colorado

In cases involving chair lift injuries as well as the Ski Safety & Liability Act.
Snowboard case
Helmet case
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