Intellectual Property

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Litigation

We have litigated patent, trademark infringement claims, as well as copyright disputes, involving several well-known industry names and products, such as Rogaine, Device Bindings and the Volkswagen trademark. We have made law in the appellate courts in intellectual property law.

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Our experience with patents and licensing agreements includes:

  • Software
  • Engineering design
  • Chemical processes
  • Clean energy
  • Global mapping
  • Mining technologies
  • Detection technologies

Royalty and licensing agreements

We have handled a variety of complex royalty disputes under various kinds of licensing agreements, including enforcement of exclusivity granted under such licenses and a full range of disputes regarding the interpretation of licensing agreements. We have also represented clients in a number of arbitrations in connection with these kinds of disputes, as the same are often subject to mandatory arbitration clauses in the governing licensing agreements.

Hatch-Waxman exclusivity

We have litigated royalties under the exclusivity period extension of the Hatch-Waxman Act, which provided additional market exclusivity beyond the life of a patent for new clinical uses of patented medications.

Trade Secrets

The law regarding the protection of trade secrets is complex, and we have litigated a large number of these subjects, including confidentiality agreements, covenants not to compete, breach of loyalty on the part of departing employees, and industrial espionage claims.

Unfair Competition

We have litigated a wide variety of antitrust and other unfair competition claims arising under both state and law, including Robinson-Patman Act price discrimination claims, consumer protection claims, and false advertising claims.

Industry Knowledge

We have the scientific and engineering expertise that fosters superior understanding of the key industries in which intellectual property disputes arise, including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Internet and computing
  • Medical devices
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing processes

With our superior understanding of science and law, we are often called upon by other firms, including patent prosecution firms and IP litigation firms, to assist as co-counsel. This knowledge significantly accelerates the learning process needed by any attorney to become familiar enough with an intellectual property right to provide legal representation. Working with expert witnesses, and deposing adverse expert witnesses in particular, requires this detailed knowledge of the underlying scientific, engineering and medical principles that demark the claims of a patent or the scope of a licensing agreement.

Cost Containment

Intellectual property litigation can be expensive, but there are ways to control the costs associated with these disputes. Although they are often fact-intensive and sometimes require a significant number of depositions in order to prepare for trial, we have found that it is possible to streamline cases in such a way as to present the matter to a judge for an early determination based upon strategically limited discovery and case management motions, particularly in federal courts. We have evolved these methods during the past 20 years to provide greater value to our clients for the fees incurred.

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