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Advanced Voir Dire & Jury Selection - Part I

A guide to vital, but often overlooked, principles when picking a jury in a civil case.

Brett Godfrey

Advanced Voir Dire & Jury Selection - Part II

Dealing with special problems and challenges in jury selection.

Brett Godfrey

Evaluation Of Developments In Biomedical Law

Legal challenges the emerging technologies of the future will bring.

Brett Godfrey

High Technology in the Courtroom

How to make the most of cutting-edge science and technology in the trial of large, complex civil cases.

Brett Godfrey

Traumatic Brain Injury: Litigation and Evaluation of Claims

An illustrated guide.

Brett Godfrey

Worst-Case Scenario: Dual Engine Failure Over The Rockies

Flying Magazine: How Brett Godfrey handled an in-flight emergency.

A Theory of Power

A penetrating analysis of the structure of power and the human condition.

Jeff Vail

The Private Law of War

The rapidly changing legal environment of Private Military Corporations

Jeff Vail

All Roads Lead to Rome

Insights into the organizational forces underlying historical and modern events.

Jeff Vail

The New Map:

Terrorism and the Decline of the Nation-State in a Post-Cartesian World

Jeff Vail