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Access your Private Client Dashboards and Secure FTP Site.

Enter Dashboard Password:

Secure FTP Site

Requires matter-specific username and password.

How to access your Dashboards and files:

If you would like to be able to access your Private Client Dashboard, or our FTP Site, please call or email us and ask us to set up your access at no additional charge.*

1. Private Client Dashboard

Private Client Dashboards provide a browser-based, easy-to-use single source of information regarding each matter. If you have not yet requested a dashboard for your matter, simply let us know that you would like to have this service added to your account.  Try out a sample Dashboard. For clients with multiple matters pending with us, we supply an interactive, filterable and sortable summary table of matters on a central web page containing links to all of your Dashboards.

2. Secure FTP

Our FTP site provides remote access to one of our ultra-secure servers, allowing client access to easily navigated files, including:**

  • Pleadings, general motions, briefs and orders
  • Dispositive motions, briefs and orders
  • Discovery materials, motions, briefs and orders
  • Correspondence
  • Depositions (including streaming video depositions)
  • Exhibits (for trial and deposition)
  • Investigative materials & source documents
  • Videos and recordings (streaming)
  • Other reocrds

Our FTP site is particularly convenient for clients, experts and outside counsel who need to rapidly and securely upload or download large document collections without going to the trouble of burning disks, mailing packages or traveling to our offices. If you are a client and require help with scanning, please contact us.

* There is no extra charge for establishing client access to Dashboards or files. Our hourly rate for drafting analysis and reports is charged separately, and the information is uplinked into your Dashboards for free.
** What is not routinely accessible of our FTP site: attorney notes and research; materials protected by protective orders; HIPAA material or other material protected by law from disclosure.

Use of this secure website without authorization is forbidden and punishable by law. Our FTP site is SSL secure and encrypted. Our Private Client Dashboards are password protected. By using this website, you agree to the privacy policy and website terms and conditions of Godfrey | Johnson, P.C.