Crisis Response

Managing Legal Emergencies

We have extensive experience handling a wide range of urgent and unexpected corporate threats, including media scandals, large-scale product liability issues, management-level employee debacles and public relations and cyber threats. Our risk management experience, coupled with our understanding of the long-range ramifications of decisions made under pressure, affords our clients the advantage of judgment and experience that can only be gained by handling these issues repeatedly and successfully. Our experience in this regard includes the defense of corporate blackmail claims on the eve of IPO announcements, evaluation of corporate security for large-scale pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies, advising corporate executives in the face of shareholder derivative suits, development of media responses and rapid training of corporate spokespersons to respond to media inquiries in the midst of rapidly evolving major news developments.

Governmental Agency Information Requests

We are familiar with the pressures that can be placed upon a corporation to deliver information under time pressure to governmental agencies and the consequences of failing to handle such events with the degree of foresight and judgment needed under these circumstances in order to avoid facing the unintended long-range ramifications of poor judgment or hastily prepared position statements.The NTSB, the FDA, the SEC, the FDA and OSHA are but a few of the agencies we have dealt with in advising and representing our clients.

Rapid Investigation And Analysis

We have arrived on scene within minutes of fatal accidents to investigate the facts and manage press releases, while providing privileged advice to our clients. We have been consulted during national press coverage of major political and corporate scandals regarding the development of position statements.

Press Releases

In order to get out in front of an emerging PR crisis, we analyze the long-term legal, commercial and political ramifications of public statements. We have drafted press releases that take into consideration the long-range legal interests of our clients as well as their public relations profiles, keeping the truth foremost while protecting our clients’ long-range interests. In performing these services, we draw upon our experience in handling many matters that have become significant legal threats as a result of poorly developed responses on the part of corporate executives who did not seek the advice of qualified legal counsel before committing a company to a particular position. Our years of experience in this regard have given us the ability to accurately foretell the counterintuitive results of conduct that may, to a person not trained in this field, seem logical in the heat of an emergency.

Employee Relations

In the midst of an emerging crisis, one of the greatest problems a corporation can face arises from lack of communication with and oversight of employees. Employee relations are rarely more sensitive and delicate than during an unexpected challenge or emergency. Keeping loyal employees informed and preventing unauthorized information leaks and rumors from damaging the company is vital. We have experience in interviewing and managing employees in the midst of media and governmental investigations in order to prevent accidental or inadvertent harm or the release of sensitive information from creating unnecessary long-term consequences for a corporation.

Corporations We Have Helped

In connection with our expertise in corporate crisis management, we have helped hospitals, drug manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, doctors, hospitals, chief executives of technology and financial companies, law firms, banks, insurance companies, company founders, politicians, program directors, school officials, publishers and authors and a host of others.

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