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Senior Litigation Attorney

Job Description:

Senior litigation attorneys are invited to discuss a lateral move to Godfrey Law. We are eager to recruit attorneys with an established history of professional achievement and demonstrated business development skills who have earned an outstanding reputation in the legal community. If you meet these criteria and are interested in discussing how we can improve your practice and compensation, we invite you to engage in a confidential discussion with us. Our compensation plans are negotiable and are based upon proven demonstrated excellence in litigation practice and successful marketing and generation of revenues. Our interest in this type of expansion includes practice units as well as individual attorneys.


Proven litigation skills and demonstrated ability in business development, together with an ability to work smoothly in a team environment with strong interpersonal skills. An established client base is viewed as desirable, but is not strictly required for consideration.

Associate Attorney

Job Description:

Associates at Godfrey Law, P.C. work on a wide variety of litigation matters. Our workload consists of civil litigation in state and federal courts, in several states. In addition to civil suits, our cases include commercial arbitrations, FINRA arbitrations and mediation. Please browse our web site for a list of our common areas of practice. Our litigation associates’ responsibilities include case analysis and development, deadline management, document analysis, research and drafting of pleadings, briefs, legal memoranda and correspondence, as well as participation in trials, hearings and depositions. Our associates receive premier training in advanced litigation practice. We provide superb training in all aspects of civil litigation, which will springboard hard-workers to achieve outstanding results and recognition in the legal community.


The firm is accepting applications from attorneys who are licensed to practice in Colorado with at least 3 years of litigation experience. Licensure in Colorado is required. Licensure in other states in addition to Colorado is valued. We work nationally, and most of our caseload arises in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah (where we have a second office), Texas, California and Arizona. Minimum qualifications include excellent research and writing abilities, strong interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to manage deadlines and meet hourly billing requirements. We value proven deposition and trial skills and client development skills. Special talents in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, finance, aviation, business or accounting are also highly valuable.

Litigation Support Specialist

Job Description:

Litigation Support Specialists at Godfrey Law, P.C., work closely with our litigators in handling files through document generation, data management, electronic filing, document review and organization. This job also includes scheduling (depositions, hearings, appointments and conferences), tracking deadlines and assisting attorneys in monitoring task completion. This position involves communication with courts, clients, witnesses and other law firms. This position represents a hybrid combination of the traditional positions of legal secretary and paralegal.


The firm is accepting applications from experienced legal secretaries and paralegals with significant computer skills who have an understanding of electronic filing and court rules, scheduling and notice requirements, and who have significant experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, Daylite, Bill4Time, Microsoft SharePoint On Line, Westlaw and electronic court filing. Our office systems are entirely paperless and this position involves a significant degree of electronic document management. We use Apple computers; we’ve found that transitioning from Windows is simple and easy for most people. Attention to detail, the ability to learn and follow new methods of practice, strong organizational skills and talent for workload management are essential qualities for a successful applicant. Willingness to learn and adhere to Firm procedures is a must.

Excellent Benefits

Qualifying full-time employees who have been employed by the firm for 6-months or more are entitled to receive the following health-care and retirement benefits:

Bonuses: A written bonus plan is included with other compensation, in addition to salary structure. Bonuses are based upon production and business development.

Health Insurance: Eligibility within 30 days after first new calendar month of employment; covers major medical care (with deductable), office visits (with a small co-pay), prescriptions and other costs of care, for employees and family members.

Dental Insurance: Eligibility within 30 days of commencement of employment; covers routine dental visits and dental work (with co-pay) for employees and family members.

Group Life Insurance: Eligibility within 30 days of commencement of employment; benefits based upon salary, term life benefits, pemium paid in full by us.

Cafeteria Benefit Plan: Variable terms; eligibility six months after commencement of employment, provides up to $2,500.00 annually toward medical, optometric and certain other health care costs.

401K Plan: Variable terms; eligibility one year after commencement of employment, contributions by employee not matched.

Continuing Legal Education: Paid for by the firm for approved programs to ensure annual compliance with all state requirements in which attorneys are licensed.

Bar Association and Professional Membership Dues: Paid for all state bar associations in states where attorneys are licensed and for approved professional associations (examples include AAJ, ABA, Arapahoe County Bar Association, Federal Bar Associations, Foundation Fellowships and the like).

Stocked Kitchen; Free Parking: Our kitchen is stocked to keep our team members energized. Eating with your team-mates is rewarding.

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—Brett Godfrey 

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